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Divorce can be a painful process. Through every step, it is important to have experienced counsel to help you avoid mistakes that can impact you for many years or the rest of your life.

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Meet expert attorneys with decades of experience and resolve your divorce, custody, or domestic violence matter. The key to meeting your needs lies in carefully learning about your situation and what you want to accomplish. Only then can we know how to bring that about.


Legal process to end a marriage and resolve issues like custody, support, and property.


In connection with the divorce process, there may be orders for spousal support (sometimes called “alimony”) or child support. Whether you are the one who will be receiving or the one who will be paying, it is essential that the order be calculated correctly in accordance with the law and the facts of your case. We know the rules and how to apply them, and how to guide the court to an appropriate determination of the amount and duration of ordered support.

Child Custody

The breakup of a family can be especially hard on children. They worry about stability when they need to change homes. Crafting a plan that will do the best to ensure their future well-being is the duty of every parent when divorce occurs. We can guide you through that process with years of observation of what works well for children and families moving forward..

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a blight on society. Whether you have been a victim and need protection, or whether you believe you have been unjustly accused, competent and zealous advocacy can ensure that justice is done.

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